The only thing my husband wants is...

And 2 months ago got married with someone whom I don't like at all because he is 33 year old man. And he is not grown up mentally. He is no way ready for any kind of responsibility of a married life. read more


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Confused soul 10 months ago

Maybe this helps Someone asked me, what do you want in a life partner? If god can bless you with one thing then what will you ask for? What I answered was, I dunno what I want but what I am sure... read more

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Self Gratification

I don't think I could ever get involved in a relationship or even have a one night stand because I am so used to masturbating. read more


Her mother is the problem

But the problem is her mother, she having affair with man and I don't like that, and her father is liquor addict, he always used to fight to my girl and her mother badly. read more