Wife having a sexual relationship with other person and she left home

My wife is having an affair.

One day she asked for go to her native. I give her freedom to do what she wants to do. But at same time I warned her also she doesnt go on wrong way. But when she was at her native for her birthday celebration in May, she met her old friend (monster). Both fell in love with each other. It totally distroyed my life. My waiting for my mistake. One day i shared one porn video with her and she... read more

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poppy 11 months ago

time to get away from her.....forever read more


Mayank 1 year ago

A lot of married women are indulging in extra marital affairs with their colleagues, neighbours and friends. Most women when caught with their pants down then start blaming the guy; about how he... read more

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A Lifelong lesson

A lifelong lesson

After that incident, like every other person, I was shattered. I drank, I shouted, I acted like a crazy guy, spoiled some of the months of my life and when all that depression went by, I became a new man. I said my guardians that "i will never marry". read more

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Dear confessor ! Time heals every scar..Live ur life in ur own way..with ur terms n conditions ..and one day someone is going to hold ur hands and that day you will not resist..thats for sure.. Best... read more

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Am not able to move on ..

The quiet girl

One day teacher asked me to give him his book from the staffroom and atlas! I got to see his face and talkt o him. He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. All girls used to say " Nah, he is just fair... not the "Most handome." But it was not true for me. There were other hot guys too but my eyes would always search for that particular guy. read more

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Amit 2 years ago

This is the cutest and most innocent confession I ever came across. U r a very nice girl. I don't know if u will see my comment because it has been 4 months. My advice is the way u told this sweet... read more


AD 2 years ago

You are confused. You have not moved on completely. And in order to forget ROHIT you are taking the wrong actions. People think by getting into relationship they will forget the old person, but... read more

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May b its called molesting

Is this molesting?

So i travel by bus, this been mostly with me that boys (not all of course) in the bus always rub themselves to my body, even when m sitting (not window side). read more

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Anonymous 2 years ago

Having been on other side, I can say that some boys do it intentionally. I personally avoid traveling in crowded places but when I can't avoid, I have been in circumstances that put me in the same... read more


Rihan Imran 2 years ago

Give a tight slap and speak loudly.. you will get support and help instantly read more

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